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‘This Bar Is Done’: Video Captures Kevin Boyle’s Alleged Drunken Rant

Pennsylvania Democratic State Rep. Kevin Boyle was captured on video appearing intoxicated at a bar and threatening to have the establishment closed down after being told to leave.

In a video posted to Twitter, Boyle, who has served in the Pennsylvania State House since 2011, can be seen arguing with the employees of Gaul & Co. Malt House in Rockledge. The employees can be heard telling him over and over to “get out.” Boyle later threatens to “close” the bar , asking the employees if they “know who the fuck” he was.

“I can fucking end this bar, by the way. I'll fucking end this bar, by the way,” Boyle can be heard saying at the beginning of the video. “This bar is so fucking done, by the way.”

“Can't wait to put this on Twitter, on your Twitter page,” one person can be heard saying in the video.

As Boyle argues, he is instructed by several people to get in his car and told that he “drank a little bit too much” and to go home. Boyle proceeds to ask people in the bar why they are “acting this way,” continuing to accuse them of being “traitors” and “actors.” (RELATED: Bodycam Video Shows Teacher Getting Confronted For Allegedly Being Drunk On First Day Of School)

“Is he on drugs?” one person can be heard asking in the video as Boyle continues to call them “actors” and “morons.” Boyle later adds that he will “prevent” one of the people from getting a “promotion.”

“I'll close your fucking bar,” Boyle later says as he is instructed to get out of the bar. “This bar is done! Do you know who the fuck I am? This bar is done tomorrow!”

A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania House Democratic Leaders told NBC Philadelphia that they were “aware of a video circulating on social media” showing Rep. Boyle.

“It is very troubling,” the spokesperson told the outlet. “Rep. Boyle has been open about his personal challenges. We are encouraged that our colleague and dear friend is seeking help. Our commitment to delivering mental health services does not stop at the Capitol Steps.”

This incident comes after Boyle was arrested and charged with harassment in 2021 after violating a protection order from abuse filed by his wife, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Daily Caller reached out to Boyle and Gaul & Co. Malt House for a statement but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

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