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This Wild Ass Art Gallery Seems Like It Exists Solely For Drug Dealers

Ah…but things are really getting worse in the Netherlands.

That’s why I’m ranting about the Miami Dolphins after Sunday night’s bad officiating (which you can watch here and here ) and defending Greg Olsen’s Roger Stone-esque swag. One of my editors sent me an interesting video as a possible blog post. Did you know, my son put me straight into MC Hammer’s old crib and bankrupted him?

Please let me introduce CJS Galleryan art gallery based in Zwanenburg, Netherlands (because it’s in the Netherlands, of course). just 20 minutes AMSTERDAM — Shocking!), including items such as a Rolex watch, a Ferrari emblem, a pile of cash, a bottle of booze, a gun (a big one), and a giant lion that looks like a king and a gorilla smoking a cigar. I create high-end art pieces with hip-hop influences.And yes, that’s all wonderful expensive.

If you’re into hip-hop culture like me, this is actually pretty cool stuff, but still, Tony Montana made a lot of money on drugs in Scarface and bought a pet as a result. It doesn’t change the fact that it reminds me of that. tiger.

Check out this art.

@cjsgallerynl CJS Gallery! Contact us on whatsapp or visit our website link in profile: @cjsgalleryonline #interior design #art deco #luxury #luxuryhouse #collector #art collector #innendesign #money #dollar #Luxusheim #diseñodeinterior #DecorationDeArte #Ruho#interior design #casadelho #Colecionista #make money #money mindset #Millionaire #Collectionista de Arte #cjsgalleryonline #Make Art Not War ♬ som original – CJS Gallery

Do you know what a drug dealer vibe means?

That’s exactly what my Tony used to do in the 80’s…

And I also remember when Michael Jackson went on a very extravagant shopping trip in Las Vegas…

Yeah, it would be nice to be that rich, but even if I were, I couldn’t imagine spending $50,000 on a big-ass gorilla statue. (Related: Sports Blogs May Hate Them, but I’m Absolutely Eager for the Colts’ New Uni)

I’ll leave that to the drug dealers and Chapter 11 guys.

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