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Timberwolves’ Rudy Gobert Fined A Whopping $100,000 After Outright Disrespectful Money Gesture Towards Referees

This time the contempt was real.

Rudy GobertThe Minnesota Timberwolves superstar center has been fined a hefty sum by the NBA for making gestures to referees that implied he had money at games. Things took a dark turn Friday night between the T-Wolves and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With less than 30 seconds left, the Timberwolves held a 97-96 advantage over the Cavaliers. Now, Gobert ended up getting knocked out for a foul, which happened to be his sixth foul out. To put it nicely, the Minnesota superstar wasn't happy about it at all. (Related: Former Vanderbilt QB Mo Hasan claims 'Italian mob' offered $300,000 to fix game)

As he walked off the floor, Gobert rubbed his fingers together and made a paying gesture to imply that the zebras were betting on the game. In response, officials assessed a technical foul.

Of course, the NBA was doing no such thing. As a result, police reportedly fined him a hefty $100,000. announcement From the league itself.


This made me laugh a little bit, but I also understand why the NBA is so aggressive in its punishments.

Even though sports betting is becoming legal across the country, it's still one of the things that people are sensitive to, and the league clearly operates a business centered around sports, so the game I am not trying to imply anything. It is being manipulated illegally.

$100,000…that's a lot of money even for an NBA player.

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