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TOLMAN: In A Two-Tiered Justice System, Ordinary Families Suffer

It is true that the courthouse is a very bleak house. Injustice does so, especially when it is justice for some but not for all.

A judge I know said he was looking forward to the adoption he was officiating. “Adoptions are the only chance people come to court and leave everyone happy,” she told me. “For most people, going to court means something has gone very wrong in their life, whether it’s a divorce, custody issue, or criminal charges.”

It’s true; nearly half of all Americans have a family member who has been in prison or in prison. Cornell University professor I wrote a study on this “The point is that family incarceration is even more common than any of us who are experts in the field expected.”

That’s why Americans are so disappointed to see a two-tiered justice system that protects Bidens, Clintons, and others from the Dickensian criminal justice system and favors those with political ties. Noda. “Desolate house” is completed. They get Martha’s Vineyard.

That’s at stake as prosecutors continue to pursue the “January 6th” thoughtcrime. (Contrast this with the treatment of the Summer Mob.) Indeed, Trump’s latest indictment clearly criminalizes speech, thought, legal positions (right or wrong), and misinformation. Meanwhile, the Biden crime family continues its brutality unabated.

Americans see the truth clearly.

“According to the latest poll, a majority of Americans say that America has a two-tiered justice system: one for politicians and the Washington, D.C. justice system, and one for the rest of America. It’s for people.” Center Square reported last year. “A majority of those who responded to a separate survey expressed dissenting opinions, based on their political affiliation, on who they believed was behind the FBI’s attack on former President Donald Trump’s home.”

Fewer than 12% said they have a single justice system with laws that apply equally to all Americans.

The left, of course, is scrambling to defend a system that has for decades claimed to be two-tiered. During a recent House hearing by two IRS whistleblowers who allege Hunter Biden was getting special treatment, Florida Democrat Maxwell Frost accused Republicans of adopting civil rights language. bottom.

“Since January 6th, Republicans and Trump have complained about a two-tiered justice system that has borrowed the language of decades of civil rights movements for black lives and black freedom.” Frost said. “We have a two-tiered justice system, but it’s not a Democrat vs. Republican issue. The term ‘two-tiered justice system’ has real history. It contains the true history of Emmitt Till. There is real history with Breonna Taylor. It has real history with George Floyd, Central Park Five. ”

But it was the selective enforcement of the law and the acceptance of a two-tiered structure by those in power that made possible such grave injustices as Emmett Till’s death.

Where Frost went wrong Ibram Kendy He said, “The only remedy for racism is anti-racism. The only remedy for past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy for present discrimination is future discrimination.”

The remedy for a two-tiered justice system is not to preserve the tiers and to redivide the country by political ties rather than by race. This remedy is a coherent system that promises justice for all, no malice towards anyone (even a basket of woeful ones).

As a US attorney, I have seen families ravaged by crime and the criminal justice system. And it’s not just the victims. It is also the family of those who are imprisoned.A friend of mine Alice Marie Johnson She watched her family grow up without her while she was in prison.

When this system gives a pass to those who are politically concerned, it undermines the rule of law we all want and need. “Injustice begets injustice,” Dickens wrote in The Desolate House.

It’s time to stop the vicious cycle and restore justice for all.

Brett Tolman is accuse a crime and a former U.S. attorney.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.

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