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‘Too Busy Undoing All The Damage Of This Disastrous Presidency’: Rubio, Bash Spar Over If Trump Will ‘Go After’ Dems

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio on Sunday sparred with CNN host Dana Bash about whether former President Donald Trump would “go after” President Joe Biden and his family during his second term in office.

Rubio appeared on “State of the Union” to discuss his support for Trump and the former president's past comments. After Rubio pointed out ties between Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's team and the Biden administration, Bash denied the connection and shifted the topic to allegations that Trump said he would go after Biden and his family in a second term. (RELATED: 'She's really pathetic': Trump slams Kamala and 'an old, broken pile of garbage' Biden in leaked video)

“Senator, Donald Trump has said he's going to go after Joe Biden, he's going to go after the Biden family. That's something we haven't heard,” Bash began.

“Donald Trump said his — no, it's not that. I watched the debate. You guys did a great job. I watched it, and he was asked the question and he said, 'My revenge is to make America win, to restore America, to make America great again.' He didn't say, 'I'm going to hunt them down' or 'I'm going to put them in jail,'” Rubio interjected.

“He didn't say that in the debate, but he said that in other places. He didn't say that in the debate, you're right. He said that in other places,” Bash corrected him.

“He keeps saying his revenge is to make America great again and undo all of their bad public policies. And by the way, he was president for four years. He didn't attack Hillary Clinton, he didn't attack Joe Biden, he didn't attack Barack Obama, he didn't attack any of their consultants. We never imagined under him what we're seeing now,” Rubio said.

“Are you now saying that a second Trump administration would not attack any Democrats or political opponents? Are you confident that that's not going to happen?” Bash asked.

“Yes. He was president before and he didn't do that then. He's already said he won't do that. He'll be too busy undoing all the damage from this disastrous presidency. He'll be too busy securing our borders and making America a country that stands out and is respected in the world again,” Rubio replied.

Former President Claimed On June 12, 2023, Trump said on his Truth Social account that he would hire a special counsel to investigate Biden and his family after Special Counsel Jack Smith indicted Trump for mishandling classified documents. However, since this post, Trump has: It is called Trump has called for a “stop” with his comments about “retaliation.” In June 2024, Trump told Fox News' Sean Hannity that while he had “every right” to go after his political opponents, it was “wrong.”

“Number one, they're wrong and it has to stop or we won't have a country,” Trump told Hannity. “Look, once this election is over, I'll be well within my rights to go after them based on what they've done. And it's easy, because it's Joe Biden and the criminal activity is there for all to see.”

Trump has also continued to urge national “unity”, saying in January that not only would that “bring about success” but that success would ultimately bring both parties “under the same tent”.

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