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Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott ‘mortified’ his estranged wife and their five children are living in motorhome | Entertainment

Dean McDermott is said to “regret” his estranged wife Tori Spelling and their five children living in a campervan.

Dew South actor Tori, 50, has children Liam, 16, Stella, 15, Hattie, 11, Finn, 10, and Beau, 6. Some sources are close to actor Tori (56). She reportedly turned down offers from her mother and friends for lodging and living in her RV for “her sympathy” and seems angry.

A source told the Daily Mail: “Like Tori’s friends, Dean is understandably frustrated.

“They don’t understand why she does this unless it’s for sympathy. She has money.”

The insider added that Dean’s “main concern” is children and that Tori is “furious.” Tori has turned down lodging offers from her friends and instead seems to live in roadside motels and RVs.

they said: “Dean doesn’t think kids should live like this and of course he’s angry. He’s furious because Tori is acting like a child,” the source added. .

“She had every chance of making this marriage work, but instead has fueled the narrative over the years that it was over with Dean.”

Tori was pictured Wednesday (02.08.23) in Ventura County, Calif., riding in an RV with her children.

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She said her family was forced to move out of their rental home earlier this year after discovering they were having serious health problems due to an “extreme” mold infestation, and then moved to a $100 a night motel. She was also spotted living with her children.

Tori faces “real” financial hardship, people familiar with the matter said.

A source told Entertainment Tonight of her recent move to an RV, “The mold situation[at home]is real, but her financial situation is not good, so it’s hard to find a place to stay in the meantime. It was difficult,” he said.

He added that Tori “does his best to keep things running and take care of the children,” adding that he seems to consider his stay at the trailer park “more of a vacation than a life.” rice field.

According to the Mail Online, Tori was spotted in Ventura County living in a Sunseeker E450 RV with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room.

The group was seen unloading their belongings from the vehicle, including camping chairs, a cooler, a stove and a pop-up table, the newspaper said.

Sunseeker models usually come with a living room dinette with a sofa that folds down to become a bed.

After being spotted living in a motel in July, sources insisted it had nothing to do with rumors of a breakup with Dean.

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