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Tory Lanez Breaks His Silence After Being Sentenced To 10 Years in Jail

Famed rapper Tory Lanez broke his silence on Thursday after being sentenced to 10 years in prison for shooting fellow musician Megan Thee Stallion in the leg in 2020.

Lanes released a lengthy statement on his Instagram account, explaining to his 11.8 million followers how he felt about the verdict. “I have never been intimidated by a difficult situation. I will never go to jail to get rid of me,” Ms. Lanes wrote. “I have always maintained my innocence, and will continue to do so, no matter how they try to make my words.”

“In court this week, I took responsibility for every verbally intimate moment I shared with the parties involved…. That’s it,” he continued.

Mr. Lanes continued to maintain his innocence, repeating his position.

“I have not apologized in any way for the charges I was wrongly convicted of,” he posted. “I stand by my refusal to apologize for things I didn’t do.”

The 31-year-old Toronto-born rapper has demonstrated his dedication to staying positive and strong despite the difficult road ahead.

“I have faced adversity all my life, but every time I was about to lose, I came out on top,” he wrote. “This is the moment when you turn your back on the wall and never stop fighting until you win. Hard times don’t last, tough people do.” (Related article: Megan Thee Stallion suspends career to recover from shooting trauma)

The rapper also acknowledged those who continue to rally around him, supporting him despite the circumstances.

“To family, friends, family and Umbrellas” – as Lanez calls his fans – “Thank you for your continued support,” he wrote on Instagram.

“In good times and bad… stay strong… see you soon,” Lanes captioned the post.

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