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Trader Joe’s Mini-Tote Bags Sell For Insane Prices After Shopping Craze

Trader Joe's signature sustainable, reusable bags are becoming smaller and more popular. To reflect that, they're making huge amounts of money on eBay.

Initially, the mini-sized bags were sold at Trader Joe's grocery stores for $2.99, according to . CBS News. Now, a package sale with all 4 colors is available! listed It sells for a whopping $499.99 on eBay, which works out to $125 per bag.

But the boom doesn't end here. (Related: Looks like Amazon is selling a swastika fidget spinner… 5 stars)

another list asking for $280 One Trader Joe's red mini tote.

There's little explanation as to why eco-friendly shopping bags have skyrocketed in popularity other than the fact that they're trending online.

One TikTok user, Valeriak, chose to stand in line to secure her bag at her local Trader Joe's, so to speak.

@valeriak Understood!! Yay #Trader Joe's #tote #tote bag #bag #wallet #for you #fyp #shopping ♬ Original song – 😌☝️

In the video, a Trader Joe's employee can be heard telling a crowd of eager shoppers that there is a limit of five bags per paying customer.

“I'm not going to lie, it was a little embarrassing standing in line to buy the tote bag,” the social media user admitted.

That being said, Valeriak didn't walk, she “ran” when she received information that a local store had the bag in stock. Either way, TikTokers are never alone.

Trader Joe's, a California company, first opened in 1967. This grocery store sells unique branded products that shoppers can't find anywhere else, and these products often feature dishes tailored to international cuisines.

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