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Trump Argues Why Biden Can Stay As Nominee Despite Signs Pointing To Harris As Replacement

Former President Donald Trump spoke on Fox News on Monday to discuss why President Joe Biden could remain his party's nominee despite calls for him to step down amid indications that Vice President Kamala Harris will take his place.

Trump appeared on “Hannity” to discuss growing calls within his party for Biden to withdraw as the nominee following his poor debate performance and many questioning the president's mental health. Fox host Sean Hannity asked the former president what he thought about the talk of replacing Biden and whether he thought Democrats would replace him with Vice President Kamala Harris. (RELATED: Majority of Americans support first term of Trump over Biden, new poll reveals)

“Well, I think it's going to be her. I think they're very worried about the votes if she's not elected. They're very, very, I mean, they're scared and they don't want to have it any other way. In fact, I've come to believe they will. I think she's an incompetent person. She was in charge of the border but she's never been there. She didn't do a good job, she hasn't done a good job at a lot of things,” Trump said.

“From a political standpoint, it seems to me that it's her that they're supporting. They're not even talking about an alternative. If he resigns for any reason — and I don't think he wants to resign, but if he does resign — it would be her. The interesting thing is, he has a lot of power because he has the delegates. If you have the delegates, they can't do anything to get rid of him unless he says, 'I'm resigning.' If they want to do it another way, that's the 25th Amendment.”

“But let's assume that there isn't much time left. You know there isn't much time left. So we can get our country back together and make America great again, right? But there isn't much time left,” Trump continued. “Unless they use the 25th Amendment, which they can use in a different way, I think he has all the power. He doesn't have to step down because he has the delegates. There's nothing they can do to get rid of him. So he's going to get the nomination. He got the nomination.”

With both lawmakers and constituents expressing concern about Biden's mental state after the debate, Republican Representative Chip Roy of Texas introduced a 25th Amendment resolution to remove the president from office due to his state's circumstances the day after the debate. While lawmakers and reporters condemned the president's mental state, a post-debate poll by CBS/YouGov found that 72% of Americans believe the president is no longer mentally and cognitively capable of fulfilling his duties.

Last week, lawmakers and members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) tried to pressure Biden to consider options other than continuing to campaign in 2024. DNC member James Zogby wrote committee leaders last week proposing a plan to hold a primary-like convention to help the party move forward if Biden were to withdraw his candidacy.

But the president and his administration continue to support her running for president this year, with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, California Governor Gavin Newsom and Harris among those being floated as possible candidates from the party.

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