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Two Guys With The Same Name (And Face) Cause Massive Airport Mix-Up

Two men traveling in Thailand are shocked to discover they have the same name and face after meeting due to a mix-up at the airport.

Both men, named Mark Garland, were on the same flight to Bangkok, Thailand. according to mirror. Mark Garland, 58, was checking in to his flight when airport staff at England's Heathrow Airport told him he had already checked in. After an agonizing 40 minutes, they realized there were two Mark Garlands on the same flight. . He was then taken to his boarding gate where he met his doppelganger.

According to the newspaper, the two noticed the shaved heads and noticed that they looked similar. The two joked about causing so many “problems” during check-in.

“I was shocked because it was so strange,” the younger Garland told the magazine. “People said we could be brothers.”

“I showed him my passport and said, 'Look, I'm Mark Garland,' and he started laughing and opened it and showed me his name, but it was just a joke,” he added. (Related: Viral video shows Snoop Dogg's doppelgänger being mistaken for the star and basking in the fanfare).

The two were reportedly sitting next to each other on the plane. The newspaper said the two discovered further similarities during the long flight, including hobbies, love of Thailand, family life and mutual friends.

According to the paper, both men are single fathers of four children. The younger Mr Garland pointed out that one of his colleagues knew the other man and they went out drinking together at a local pub.

The two reportedly live just 25 miles apart. The younger Mr Garland is a bus driver from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, while the older 62-year-old builder is from Wormley, Bristol. According to the paper, the elderly man sometimes rides on buses driven by his partner.

“It was crazy. I had never known anything like this before,” the elder Garland told the media about the exchange. “My name came over the antenna and the phone rang. I thought someone was winding me up.”

“They said there was another Mark Garland. They came to the bar and asked to see my passport. I thought, 'What's going on?'” he added. “I go to the desk and there's a guy who looks just like me, but a little bigger than me.”

The younger Garland will be in Thailand for four weeks, and the other one will be in Thailand for three weeks. They told the magazine they planned to meet up for beers during the trip.

“We both kept laughing about it. That made me happy,” the young one told the outlet. “I made lifelong friends.”

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