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Tyreek Hill Calls Out Rick Ross For Hilariously Promoting His Business Ventures While Recording His House Burning Down

This is a great story about Trey-0-5.

It's hard to tell if there's legitimate beef between the Miami Dolphins superstars Tyreek Hill and iconic rapper Rick Ross (because everyone burst out laughing), but Tyreke definitely called out Rick, and what can I say, it's hilarious.

Remember when Hill's house burned down earlier this year? That may sound like a pretty devastating story, but Ross being Ross brought absolute comedy to the situation. While the fire department was working to extinguish the fire, Ross was waiting for a delivery from Wing Stop when he happened to pull out his cell phone and start recording. Oh, he also gave a big shout out to Wing His Stop (LMAO) and got called out by Tyreke. (Related: Saquon Barkley becomes free agent after New York Giants decline franchise Tag: Report)

Located just down the road from the Hard Rock Casino, Hill and Ross are neighbors in Southwest Ranches, a gated community in north Miami.

This is a clip of Rick Ross' live streaming.

Tyreke appeared on the Pivot Podcast and – I'm only half joking – called out Ross over the stream.

“Brother, that guy happened to go crazy during practice. First of all, Rick Ross, brother, I can't be with you anymore, brother. I can't have sex with you anymore. I can’t, brother. Please wait…Grandpa is calling.”

After Tyreke got off the phone with his grandpa, who sounded like a total G who just wanted to hang out and party in metropolitan Atlanta (shout out to A), the Miami Dolphins superstar quickly returned to his own story.

“Rick Ross, you didn't even come. You had the audacity to tell the firefighters instead… You have my number, brother. Me and my family. You go on Twitter and post me on Twitter about what you've been through. You're supposed to be a neighbor…a neighborhood hero!”


Straight up hilarity…a true legendary story from the world's greatest city.

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