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UFC Legend Chael Sonnen Announces Plan To Run For Oregon Governor, Floats Deputizing Biker Gangs To Fight Crime

Keep him away!

Former UFC light heavyweight Chell Sonnen announced during an appearance on the PBD podcast on Thursday that he plans to one day run for governor of Oregon.

“Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be governor of Oregon. And I will be governor of Oregon,” Sonnen said.

“Are you thinking of running here anytime soon or in the next few years?” podcast host Patrick Bett-David asked him.

“Yes, yes. I don't know if it will happen, but yes, we are considering it,” Sonnen replied.

Sonnen has previously said he is a big fan of former President Donald Trump and is likely to run as a Republican.

He also explained that despite Oregon's reputation as a blue state, it's actually heavily Republican outside of Portland.

The PBD Podcast shows Oregon's political map during an interview with former UFC champion Chel Sonnen. March 7, 2024.Screenshot/YouTube/PBD Podcast

“Why are we the second bluest state in the nation? It's just one county, Multnomah County and Portland,” Sonnen explained. “And the Republicans come every cycle and try to appease the people of Multnomah County and try to convince them every time. I don't know why they would do something like that. We're going to annex Multnomah County. Put this on Zillow. I'm going to put it on there and sell it to Washington State,” Sonnen said (presumably) jokingly. (Related: Greatest Living Boxer Who Fought Jake Paul)

He also laid out some interesting policy proposals, including deputation to deal with biker gangs. crime.

“I represent the Gypsy Jokers and the Mongols. We'll put a Harley-Davidson on every block. We'll eliminate crime one day, and that's not a joke,” Sonnen told PBD. Told. “Are they talking about school shootings? 'Oh, what are we going to do?' We have to raise all this money, we have to hire resource officers. ” I will represent some good old boys I know and get this resolved quickly. ”

here you are Chell Sonnen rides his Harley with a team of bikers into a soybean circle in an autonomous socialist commune and says, “No, I'm sorry, we can't do open-air heroin here. You have to go to Seattle now for that.”

Sonnen was somewhat noncommittal about when he would declare his candidacy, but it seemed like he intended to do so at some point.

The last Oregon gubernatorial election was in 2022, when Republican Christine Drazan defeated Democrat Tina Kotek, who had the energy of a full-fledged “lesbian pastor,” by a margin of about 3.5 percentage points. (Which makes sense, considering she's actually a lesbian and has a degree in religious studies). . Kotek is up for re-election in 2026, giving Sonnen the chance to strike.

All I can say is that it can't be too soon. Sonnen may be Oregon State's last hope.

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