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‘Unbelievable Circus Of Corruption’: Fox Contributor Says Dems In Trouble Over Hunter Allegations

Fox News contributor Charlie Hart suggested on Thursday’s “Jesse Watters Primetime” that the Hunter Biden allegations would be bad news for Democrats.

Hart said Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s alleged business dealings with foreigners in exchange for political favors was one of the most corrupt practices he had ever witnessed. . (Related: New CNN poll poses big challenges for Biden)

“When Joe Biden boasted that he fired a prosecutor in Ukraine, don’t forget that the treat there, the carrot, was the $1 billion US tax money he donated to Ukraine,” Hart said. Told. “This was his first big bribe, but what did he get in return? is, I argue, the result of that.”

He contrasted the Hunter Biden allegations with a “kangaroo court investigation” against former President Donald Trump. He said the allegations were “devastating” not only for Joe Biden, but for the Democratic Party as a whole. Even if he finds a way to replace Joe Biden with another candidate, he argued, there’s no way he could completely wash away the stain of allegations.

Hart argued that Democrats may not realize just how damaging the allegations are now, but they will realize the weight when the election begins and the public begins to pay more attention.

“There’s so much evidence, it’s almost like a cartoon,” Hart said. He argued that the top prosecutor for “incredible corruption” will be Trump in the general election.

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