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Undercover Journalists Expose Illegal Migrant Housing at Arizona Hotel

CV NEWS FEED // A team of undercover journalists reports that they have infiltrated an illegal immigrant residence inside a hotel in Arizona.

James O'Keeffe and his organization, O'Keeffe Media Group (OMG), posted a video of their findings at: various social media platform Wednesday.

O'Keefe wrote to X that he and other OMG journalists were “undercover.”[d]A “converted illegal immigration facility” reportedly run by Casa Alitas. He added that the suspected compound was located at a Ramada hotel near the Tucson airport.

“Here, migrants at Casa Alitas are taken to the Ramada Inn, where they are provided with breakfast, lunch, hygiene services, and free Wi-Fi,” O'Keefe wrote.

Many of the immigrants appear to be men of military age.

“The migrants shared the following with one of our undercover journalists: [non-governmental organizations (NGOs)] “Get paid no matter what,” he added of X:

Our undercover journalist confirmed with a migrant who said he saw a number of gang members arriving in a caravan. The migrant said Border Patrol suspects gang members but is still letting them through. “They'll ask about gang tattoos, but Border Patrol is still letting those people in.”

“I can see immigrants and illegal immigrants standing in the room,” O'Keefe reported from outside the facility, as seen in the video.

In O'Keeffe's own words, O'Keeffe was “disguising himself as a homeless, drunken tramp.”

“What is this business here?” he asked a security guard near the hotel.

“That doesn't matter,” the guard replied. “I have to go, because [sic] Pima County is coming with the sheriff. ”

“What is this place?” a disguised O'Keefe asked Tucson Police Officer Kristen Moritz. “I want a room here.”

“You can't stay here, it's full,” she replied. “Please stay away from the premises.”

Ms. O'Keefe asked her if the hotel was an “immigrant place.”

“It’s none of your business,” she said. “Start moving forward.”

“[The migrants are] There must be a sponsor,'' Mortis later explained to another undercover journalist. “That means they've been lying about being here in the first place, and that could get them into trouble.”

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O'Keefe and his team enlisted the help of Cesar, a whistleblower Mexican illegal immigrant who entered the facility with a hidden camera.

The Spanish-speaking immigrant told Cesar that Casa Alitas had given him a plane ticket.

Caesar asked him if there were “many more” crossing the border.

“Yes, there are many,” the immigrant replied.

with the author Babylon Bee Contributor Ashley St. Clair also supported OMG in the group's efforts to expose the compound.

According to O'Keefe, St. Clair went undercover as a “local ministry outreach member.”

In the video, a taxi driver is seen telling St. Clair Island that Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona (CCS-SOAZ) is serving immigrants at the hotel. “The problem is they don't treat them well,” he added.

“Oh, they won't treat you.” [the migrants] good? asked St. Clair.

“No,” the taxi driver told her. “I heard from [the migrants]they scare them.

Additionally, the video showed another officer threatening to arrest O'Keefe and a fellow journalist when the bus pulled up directly behind O'Keefe.

“Is the bus behind you full of illegal immigrants?” O'Keefe asked the officer, who identified himself as Deputy Carter of the Pima County Sheriff's Office.

Mr. Carter replied, “I don't know.”

“Don't lie,” O'Keefe said.

After several attempts to deflect O'Keefe's question, Carter finally responded, “Sir, I'm not on the bus.”

Ramada is a subsidiary of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

Casa Alitas calls itself “Tucson's Refuge.” public website.

“Casa Alitas provides shelter, essential supplies, and travel assistance to families seeking asylum. Our guests arrive for short-term stays after being released from the Border Patrol. [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)] Detention,” the website continues.

“We help our guests find a safe place and reunite with loved ones across the United States,” they claim.

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