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‘Unruly’ And ‘Intoxicated’ Passengers Banned From Major Airline After Causing Emergency Landing

According to multiple reports, two people were banned from boarding a United Airlines flight for sabotage, leading to an emergency landing on Friday.

United Airlines Flight 883, bound for Newark, New Jersey, from London was diverted to Bangor, Maine, following the incident. according to ABC News. The two passengers, who were said to have been under the influence of alcohol, were considered a “Level 2” threat, meaning an act that threatened life, according to the report.

The chief flight attendant heard passenger Alexander Michael Dominic McDonald yelling at his girlfriend, the paper said. The flight attendant asked him to lower his voice and repeatedly tried to calm him down.

McDonald reportedly became aggressive towards the flight attendant and asked her if there was a problem. He then threatened to “fuck up the plane,” ABC reported.

McDonald reportedly put his hand on the officer's shoulder and cornered him. Another passenger was eventually able to help the flight attendant put a flex cuff on McDonald, the newspaper noted.

The flight's captain told the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that he had received multiple reports that McDonald was “unruly and violently combative,” the newspaper reported. (Related: Maggots descend on passengers, forcing plane to turn: report).

The captain determined that McDonald's actions jeopardized the safety of other passengers and crew, ABC reported. The captain decided it was too dangerous to continue on the way to Newark and chose to divert to Bangor International Airport.

The plane, carrying 150 passengers and 10 crew members, landed safely. The passengers who remained on the plane were then able to continue their journey to Newark, ABC reported.

“After consulting with the Maine District Attorney's Office, an individual has been taken into custody and arrested,” the FBI Boston office tweeted. “This incident has nothing to do with terrorism.”

“Customers will be prohibited from flying any future United Airlines flights while we review this matter,” a United Airlines representative said. Said NBC10 Boston.

The FBI is not releasing further details as the investigation is ongoing.

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