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US Agency Proposes New LGBTQ Advancements In Foreign Nations

  • The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has released new guidelines and recommendations for engaging and promoting LGBTQ programs in foreign countries.
  • Some of these programs aim to appoint LGBTQ “focused” leaders and help young people “self-awareness”.
  • “USAID plays a key role in setting the agenda, promulgating norms and precedents, and encouraging multi-sectoral investments that support the inclusive development of LGBTQI+ globally,” the framework reads.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has recommended new LGBTQ advancements and programs for more than 100 locations around the world, following a new policy framework announced Wednesday.

of you said aims to advance pro-LGBTQ policies and increase the presence of LGBTQ “programming” through its mission bases around the world. include Africa, South America, Middle East, to 2023 LGBTQI+ Inclusive Development Policy. These programs include appointing an LGBTQ “base” leader, integrating her LGBTQ “inclusion” into the crisis response, and working with local LGBTQ groups abroad to influence and advance policy. increase.

USAID, according to the framework, sees pro-LGBTQ progress as a “cause for cautious optimism” and argues that steps are needed to prevent foreign “retreat”.

“USAID plays a key role in setting the agenda, promulgating norms and precedents, and encouraging multi-sectoral investments that support the inclusive development of LGBTQI+ globally,” the framework reads. “The recent momentum in some countries to repeal and reform laws criminalizing same-sex conduct, including many anti-LGBTQI+ laws inherited from colonial powers, has prompted cautious optimism, while some Some countries are experiencing significant setbacks.”

“Globally, serious gaps remain in basic legal protections for LGBTQI+ individuals,” the report continues.

According to the framework, USAID will address these gaps through a variety of means, including appointing LGBTQ “focus” leaders to each mission to help “advance the inclusive development of LGBTQI+.” It says. The leader will serve and advise the Diversity, Equity Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) Council and spearhead efforts to “nurture relationships” with the local LGBTQ community.

According to the framework, USAID will also provide “humanitarian assistance” focused on “the participation, needs and capacities of LGBTQI+ people in these settings” to reduce crisis events that “unfairly” affect LGBTQI+ people. and a comprehensive approach to development assistance.

One section of USAID’s new framework encourages “youth programming” through “meaningful engagement” and welcomes them as allies in “key development forums and cross-cutting program priorities.” (Related: President Obama writes letter praising librarians for pushing LGBT content on children)

“For example, USAID prioritizes using an ‘age and stage’ approach in its youth programs. During these critical times, young people may need varying levels of support in self-awareness of their SOGIESC. [sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and sex characteristics] Adolescents can face many challenges, from bullying and violence at school to the loss of family support at home.”

According to the framework, USAID “home” leaders are expected to work closely with local organizations to address the needs of LGBTQ individuals, which includes “providing safe, compassionate care in response to harm. social services and protected spaces that provide protection”. All USAID staff are required to complete an electronic module on LGBTQ inclusive development. This module details how staff can be more inclusive of LGBTQ people in the USAID Workplace.

USAID warned against promotional failure of “.According to the framework, “LGBTQI+ inclusive programs” would further marginalize LGBTQ groups and “increase the risk of social instability and conflict.”

Florida Rep. Matt Gates joined other Republicans on Tuesday in introducing a bill to repeal USAID on the grounds that it promotes leftist policies rather than actual humanitarian relief.

“USAID uses US taxes for: Pushing radical left-wing ideologies abroad, even doing things like undermine foreign governments that don’t advertiseHere we refer to the perverted ideology it espouses,” the bill reads.

USAID did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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