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Valentine’s Day options abound for Havasu couples | Lifestyle

Valentine's Day is approaching. Go Lake Havasu has some ideas for lovers young and old on how to spend a romantic holiday in Lake Havasu City.

In an email, the tourism agency said it offers “amazing vacations for two,” including a stay at a local hotel, followed by a day of hiking at SARA Park, an off-road tour in the hinterland, and ending your vacation. We suggest that you consider some of the following. A day at Topok 66 Resort. It looks like it will be a fun day for active people.

Enjoy a romantic outing in the city, strolling across London Bridge or enjoying dinner at a downtown restaurant. The lack of street lights in residential areas creates an ideal environment for stargazing and adds a special atmosphere to the night.

Those looking to relax can choose from a variety of accommodations, including Nautical Beachfront Resort. Lake Havasu City offers boat rentals, beach relaxation, and nightlife options for a fun-filled end to your day.

Go Lake Havasu points out that the Heat Hotel is a great option, consistently recommended by TripAdvisor users as the most romantic place to stay in the city.

— Today's News Herald

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