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Vegan Bakery Under Investigation, Accused Of Selling Donuts From Dunkin’

A vegan bakery on Long Island is under investigation for allegedly selling Dunkin' donuts.

Savory Fig is accused of misrepresenting the famous coffee and baked goods chain's donuts as its own. according to to the New York Post.

The Savory Fig is a vendor of Huntington-based vegan specialty grocer Cindy Snacks, which originally accused the company of selling Dunkin' donuts. Dunkin' baked goods were not vegan and contained allergens, the newspaper reported. CindySnacks made the allegations against The Savory Fig public in her Instagram post on Monday.

An Instagram photo showed a strawberry frosted donut coated in a small purple and orange “D” similar to those from the iconic brand. Dunkin' offers similar donuts decorated with the same sprinkles, and the pastry contains dairy and gluten, the magazine said. (Related: Iconic Grocery Chain Issues Recalling Customer Favorites)

“I immediately became concerned as to why this donut was so different from other donuts and decorated so strikingly similar to the well-known chain,” Cindy Snacks co-owner Jonathan Stengel wrote on Instagram. ” he wrote on Instagram.

Stengel wrote that all potentially Dunkin' branded products were removed from the vendor “as a precautionary measure,” the newspaper reported. The co-owner of Cindy Snacks also posted concerning text messages she exchanged with Michelle Sirianni, owner of The Savory Fig.

“If this were Dunkin' Donuts, the ingredients could kill someone because so many people shop here with severe dairy allergies,” Stengel wrote in a letter to Sirianni. Ta.

Stengel added in the text that he would make the messages private if she admitted to the charges. Sirianni denied selling Dunkin' donuts, saying the products were “definitely not Dunkin' branded,” the outlet reported.

This was announced by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. news day Sirianni, who has received multiple complaints about Savory Figs, told the magazine that the Instagram post was “false” and that the pastry in the photo “is not my donut.”

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