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Vicious Flying Knee Sends UFC Fighter Into The Shadow Realm

Vinicius Oliveira may have just scored the best knockout of the year with this vicious flying knee that put opponent Benardo Sopage to sleep at UFC Vegas 87 Fight Night.

As the clock ticked down in the second round of their bantamweight bout, the 28-year-old Oliveira put Sopage on his back foot with a leg kick and a vicious left hook, before seemingly defying gravity and sending his left knee flying into a potato. I dropped Sopaji like a bag. Video posted on ESPN's Instagram show.

Poor Sopage just lay there, completely crumpled on the floor. I feel bad for this guy because not only did he take probably the worst shot he's ever taken and end up on the business end, but he's definitely a highlight candidate of the year on ESPN and the Internet for days. Because it will be shown over and over again. come.

Oliveira, a professional mixed martial artist from Brazil and a black belt, improved to 20 wins and 3 losses. (Related: Sean Strickland's video shows why armed mixed martial artists don't surprise you)

With the loss, Sopaj, a professional mixed martial artist from Albania, fell to 11-3.

Children, take notes. This is what happens when you let your guard down. Sopage turned away for just half a second, but that was plenty of time for Oliveira. The Brazilian bantamweight smelled blood in the water as soon as he saw an opening and didn't hesitate.

I truly respect anyone who can use their body so effectively and violently. They are trained killers, essentially modern-day gladiators. And while Sopage may be embarrassed about having the lights turned off, he's one tough SOB in that he can even walk out of the Octagon afterwards.

A blow this vicious would probably kill most people.

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