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Video Captures Moment United Airlines’ Tire Detaches During Takeoff, Flight Forced To Reroute

On Thursday, a tire on a United Airlines flight bound for Japan came off shortly after takeoff from San Francisco International Airport (SFO), forcing it to land at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), the New York Post reported.

United Airlines confirmed the accident involving one of its Boeing 777-200s. according to to the New York Post. The incident occurred when the plane was taking off. Footage showed the moment the plane, carrying 235 passengers, a flight attendant and four pilots, lost one of its six tires. A falling tire damaged several cars in the SFO employee parking lot.

Despite losing a tire, the plane managed to land safely at Los Angeles International Airport, the newspaper said. United Airlines reassured planes are equipped to land safely even if a tire is missing or damaged. No injuries were reported, and the affected SFO runway was temporarily closed for debris removal and has since reopened. (Related: 'An emergency has occurred': Plane lost door mid-flight forced to land)

The incident marks the third time in a week that United Airlines has encountered problems with its Boeing planes in the air. Earlier this week, a Boeing 737-900 suffered an engine fire shortly after takeoff in Texas, and another flight from Honolulu to San Francisco also dealt with an engine failure over the Pacific Ocean, the New York Post reported.

Boeing has faced a number of problems in recent months, including a door plug coming off mid-flight on an Alaska Airlines jet and a manufacturing incident on a Max 9 jet. The incidents have come under intense scrutiny from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which has criticized Boeing's safety culture, according to the New York Post.

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