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Video Shows Former ESPN Michelle Troconis Host Break Down As She’s Found Guilty In Murder Conspiracy

A jury in Connecticut found former ESPN host Michelle Troconis guilty of conspiracy to commit murder on Friday after deliberating for more than 14 hours, the Associated Press reported.

The jury found Troconis guilty of six charges, including conspiracy to commit murder, tampering with physical evidence and conspiracy to hinder prosecution in the second degree. according to To AP.

According to the newspaper, the court found that Troconis aided her boyfriend, Fotis Dulos, in conspiring to cover up the murder of his wife, Jennifer Dulos, and dispose of her body in multiple garbage bags.

The two, who lived together at the time, reportedly dumped Jennifer Dulos' body in multiple garbage bags around the city of Hartford, Connecticut. (Related: Prostitute's murderer convicted after gruesome footage of torture and murder found on stolen cell phone)

According to the media, Jennifer Dulos disappeared on May 24, 2019. Fotis Dulos reportedly attacked her in the garage, put her body in his car and drove off.

Fotos Dulos, who was reportedly $7 million in debt, committed suicide shortly after prosecutors charged him with murdering his wife. according to Go to CBS News.

Troconis' bond was set at $6 million. Her sentence will be handed down on May 31, 2024. She could face up to 50 years in prison, according to the Associated Press.

Mr. Troconis was an ESPN host and producer of shows such as .snow time” and maintains his innocence. She is making her statement as her X (formerly on her Twitter) profile banner “It's been four and a half years since I was accused of a crime I wasn't guilty of. Today, I stand here with my family and friends, and their love and support keeps me strong. I believe in justice and the jury system, and I am ready to proceed with this trial. Gracias.”

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