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Video Shows Jacked Bald Eagle Snagging Fish From River At Arnold Palmer Invitational … Most American Thing Ever

The video of a completely jacked bald eagle catching a fish from a river during Friday's Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill is probably the most American thing I've ever seen.

The video captivated broadcasters, who took notice of the majestic creature's muscular appearance.

“You have strong legs, guys. Are you kidding me?” one announcer commented.

“Isn't that cool?” his partner asked.

“That's pretty cool,” the first speaker replied.

of eagle He sat in the river for a while, perhaps bending towards the camera, before snatching the fish with his powerful claws and dragging it out onto dry land to eat.

“It's time for lunch,” my partner continued.

“Yes, you're right,” the other man agreed.

Homie clearly doesn't miss leg day.

If this eagle slaps your girl right in front of you, you have no choice but to thank him and say “have a nice day.” (Related: NFL star's father charged with killing bald eagle)

This guy is Chuck Norris, the bald eagle. It is truly America's absolute powerhouse. Oh, sorry, are you guys hitting balls with sticks here? Yes, it doesn't matter, it's already lunch time. You can't squat her five plates in front of an eagle woman in her fitness club without achieving macros.

Our nation's iconic true blue American predator takes a quick bite of his kill midway through a round of professional golf Friday morning. Does it get any more American than that?

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