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Video Shows Large Bear Trying To Squeeze Through Doggie Door To Break Into House

A homeowner in North Bend, Washington, recorded a large bear trying to enter his home through a dog door late Wednesday night, KOMO News reports.

Amy Holt said she saw a large bear rummaging around her back door, apparently looking for a way to get into her home. como news.

“This video is totally funny, but it also makes me a little worried about waking up in bed with a bear next to me,” Holt told the magazine. (Related: Video: Bear breaks into house, steals lasagna from freezer)


Holt also said the bear tried to force its way in through the window, but his two dogs did not react, KOMO News reported.

The outlet said that while the video was shocking, Holt said she and her husband were not scared.

“Even though we live in the countryside, encounters are normal when you live here,” she said. “Living in North Bend, it's one of the things we enjoy most…We've seen bears on security cameras in the past, but they've never been a nuisance,” she said. She added: “We usually bring in bird feeders at night to avoid attracting birds, and we store trash safely in the garage.”

Still, Holt said she plans to be more careful about bringing food indoors in the future and hopes her neighbors will do the same, KOMO News reported.

“If the bears don't have anything to eat, they'll move on,” Holt said. “There is no need to exterminate bears just because they are a nuisance.”

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife seems to agree with Holt, posting: Website“The best way to avoid contact with bears in your home is to remove foods that provide bears with high calories.”

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