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Video Shows Man’s Best Friend Turned Partner-In-Crime During Home Robbery

A golden retriever suspected of stealing a bike near San Diego befriended the suspected thief and failed to stop the theft, according to a video shared Thursday by local police.

The alleged thief broke into a garage containing several bicycles at Pacific Beach around 10:40 p.m. on July 15, according to a statement from San Diego police who accompanied him. video surveillance footage. According to the video, the suspect was deploying a “black 2019 Electra 3-speed bicycle worth about $1,300” when a golden retriever entered the garage through the side door and approached the suspected bicycle thief, wagging its tail. was shown. The suspect, apparently touched by the dog’s friendliness, returned his bike to the garage and petted and patted the dog for a while.

“You’re the coolest dog I’ve ever known. I love you too,” I heard him say. He also asked, “Where is your father?” …Your father shouldn’t have left the garage open. [Expletive.] Dad, where are you? ” According to the video. (Related: Police arrest New Jersey robbery suspect who tried to escape to sea)

In the end, the suspect abandoned the dog and continued the theft charge. The dog chased after him, but stopped immediately at the garage entrance, stared for a few seconds, presumably trying to decide what to do next, and then rushed into the darkness for a belated chase.

Police said in a statement that the suspect’s behavior with the dog was “a rather bizarre occurrence.”

“It’s really rare. I’ve never seen anything like it in my career,” said San Diego Police Lieutenant Brian Brecht. added and said The dog is “a very good dog” and “does not look like a guard dog”.

San Diego police are asking for help in identifying the suspect. “Caucasian male, last seen wearing a blue and white hat, gray shirt, blue shorts, and orange sneakers.” [and] I carry a black and blue backpack. “

“Even the tiniest bit of information can be very valuable,” police said in a statement.

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