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Video Shows Police Officer Race Into Burning House To Save Woman In Wheelchair

Police body camera footage showed the moment a Rhode Island police officer ran into a burning home to rescue a woman in a wheelchair on Tuesday, WJAR reported.

North Kingstown Sergeant Tim Daly responded to the scene after receiving a call about a wildfire, but said when he arrived the fire was much more serious. Widger.

Body camera footage shows smoke rising from the house as Sergeant Dailey runs toward it, saying: “Hey guys, someone's in the house.” As Daly approached the house, he heard a woman yell, “Don't move!” (RELATED: Video shows officers bursting into burning apartment to rescue elderly man)

The sergeant then went inside the home and used a flashlight to find the woman through the thick smoke and pulled her wheelchair to safety.

WJAR reported that other officers who responded to Daly's aid said they heard an explosion inside the home.

North Kingstown Police Chief John Urban Jr. called Dailey's actions “brave and heroic,” according to WJAR.

“We had to get her out of there, and I don't think she could have gone any further. If she had gone any further, we would have had to make a tough decision about whether or not to go in,” said Officer Dailey, a 12-year veteran of the North Kingstown Police Department.

Daly told WJAR that the woman, whose face and hair were “scorched by the heat of the fire,” was happy to have escaped the burning home.

The woman was taken to a local hospital and is expected to recover, according to the outlet.

Daly told WJAR that his actions were the result of the excellent training he's received from his superiors since being promoted: “I want to thank the great leaders who showed me these things. I want to thank them for showing me how to do it.”

Dailey added that this isn't the first time he's rescued someone from a fire, telling WJAR he also rescued someone from a burning car several years ago.

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