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Video Shows Police Surprise Alleged Burglar On Toilet, Make Arrest

Video from last Thursday's Colorado police raid shows a robbery suspect literally caught with his pants down, The National Desk reported.

A recording of the arrest by the Lakewood Police Department shows officers breaking through the bathroom door and grabbing the robbery suspect as he sat on the toilet with his pants down to his ankles. national desk.

“We have seen many things in horrifying events, but this time we had no idea what awaited us!” Department official Posted on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. (Related: Hitler's toilet seat, kept for years in a soldier's home, goes up for auction)

Video of the incident shows police carefully moving down the hallway before opening the door, seeing a man in the bathroom and yelling, “Show me your hands!”

“I'm the worst, brother,” the suspect says. “I barely made it in time.”

After police order the suspect to stand up, the man's face and genitals are blurred out in the video.

The suspect, who police have not identified, was allegedly involved in the robbery and was found with the help of a drone team, the National Desk reported.

Authorities praised the officers who made the arrest, noting “overall great teamwork by the patrol and drone teams.”

User X commented on the Lake Police Department post, saying, “He probably won't get the 15 minutes of fame he was hoping for,” and “Sounds like an old cop episode.” Another quipped: “Why didn't you let him wipe it first?” lol. “

The suspect was taken to jail “after pulling up his pants” and is now charged with second-degree theft, police reported on X.

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