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Visit the world’s most-preserved meteor crater in Northern Arizona

WINSLOW, Ariz. — Located between Flagstaff and Winslow, you'll find the best-preserved meteorite crater in the world.

Known as Barringer Crater, it was the first confirmed meteorite crater on Earth and provides a unique window into the history of our home planet.

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“Meteor Crater is a very special place,” says Andrew Tyler, vice president of business development. “When people visit the crater, they usually don't say anything. They're just speechless. Photos and videos are great, but they don't do it justice. To see it in person and feel the energy of this place is truly incredible.”

More than 50,000 years ago, a 150-foot-tall meteorite made mostly of iron and nickel streaked across the North American sky and struck northern Arizona with 150 times the force of an atomic bomb.


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The size, scope and scale of this meteorite crater is astounding. The crater is 2.5 miles in circumference and nearly a mile in a straight line. The area of ​​20 football fields could fit inside the base of the crater.

But the crater is much more than just a giant hole – it's a breathtaking natural wonder and remains a valuable study site for scientists today.


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“NASA does research here,” Tyler said, “and all the astronauts that went to the moon trained at Meteor Crater. A lot of geologists, professors, astronauts, and other scientists come here to do research. It's basically their lab.”

Meteorite craters of this size are a reminder of the powerful forces at work in our solar system.

“It's humbling, it makes you realize how small we are and that things can really happen that are outside of our control,” Tyler said.


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While you're at the crater, be sure to enjoy the solar exhibit, a guided tour along the crater rim, and a cold drink from the new coffee shop.

The Barringer Space Museum is located on Interstate 40 in Winslow. Admission is $29 for adults and $20 for ages 6-13. click here For more details:

Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona

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If you're going there, why not stand on a street corner in Winslow, Arizona?

Check out the old Route 66 pit stops, have lunch and “chill out”.

Winslow, Arizona

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