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‘Wake Up’: Border Patrol Union Mocks Joe Biden On Social Media

The Border Patrol union on Saturday criticized President Joe Biden on social media after he visited the southern border on Thursday.

The Border Patrol union mocked Biden on X (formerly Twitter) with a parody of his daily schedule of activities, including boarding planes and vacationing at the beach.

“Take a nap aboard AF1. You'll wake up in a place called Brownsville. Read the message on the loud teleprompter: 'It's all Trump's fault,'” the Border Patrol union wrote. “When asked who the people in green uniforms were as they boarded AF1, they said they had 'tied up' illegal immigrants, expressed fear, and were taking a nap.”

“Wake up, close your lids, go to the beach, and take a nap,” the Border Patrol union post concluded.

Biden visited Brownsville, Texas, on the same day former President Donald Trump spoke in El Paso. The duel trip comes as the border crisis has exploded as a major concern since the alleged murder of Augusta University student Laken Riley by an illegal immigrant. (Related: 'What will happen to current law?': FOX panel explodes as co-hosts discuss Biden's border crisis)

Border Patrol unions have previously criticized the Biden administration's handling of illegal immigration and the opening of the border. The group has repeatedly accused the president on social media of encouraging illegal immigrants to enter the United States.

“Wasn't it Biden who encouraged people around the world to 'cross the border'?” the Border Patrol union wrote. “Didn’t Biden immediately reverse all of President Trump’s successes in keeping our nation’s borders under control? He publicly slammed BP officials for criminal assault and then told the world “Those people will pay,” and wasn't the whole thing made up with BS? Has he apologized or taken responsibility for it, or asked for forgiveness from the victims of the millions of illegal aliens he imported into this country? ”

The Border Patrol union has unabashedly supported Trump, sharing its preference for the Republican front-runner in other posts on social media.

“The radical left was upset that we told Biden not to mention our names. We don't care about their feelings. Biden destroyed the border. Americans are suffering because of it,” the Border Patrol union wrote. “Here’s our radical left’s olive branch, Trump!”

More than 2 million migrants were encountered in fiscal year 2023 alone under the Biden administration, up from about 1.6 million in fiscal year 2021. according to to federal data.

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