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Walgreens Starts Blasting Music To Curb Loitering Losers And Vagrants

Walgreens stores in Chicago are officially playing classical music to deter loitering, ABC 7 reported Thursday.

Walgreens clearly has flair, as certain stores in Chicago will be playing heavily with curated classical music playlists to keep people from lurking, ABC 7 reports. report. Bach and Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” is reportedly on a short playlist that plays on repeat, which is far superior to the others I have on repeat all day. .

Even stranger, why does Deerfield Management Company (which should know a little about social science) ask Walgreens if there is no scientific evidence that repeated loud music deters loitering? He didn’t seem to understand why the music was playing on repeat. As a human, you would think that the people employed by Deerfield would be able to turn this situation around on their own. Will they sit somewhere while the song is playing on repeat all day long? no.

So why would anyone else do that? Of course.

a handful 7-11 Stores have also started playing music outside to deter people lurking outside. It’s unfortunate that this has happened, but without police crackdowns and proper solutions to stop the vagrancy and homeless crisis, this is what business owners have to do. (Related: Cori Bush was rationed after claiming she was homeless, turns out she may have done it to herself)

of Chicago Union Because the homeless absolutely hate that tactic.

According to ABC 7, the group’s executive director, Doug Schenkelberg, said of the decision, “While there are people in need of housing and support, we are essentially treating them as subhuman and a nuisance. will be,” he said.

I can understand why Mr. Schenkelberg is upset. If Chicago’s homeless population migrates to other cities and states to avoid music, how is Schenkelberg going to make a living if he can’t solve the homelessness crisis? Again, I’m sure he can learn something from California government agencies and nonprofits that exist solely to help homeless industrial parks and make millions of dollars. doing.

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