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Watch The Moment Hamas Spokesman Loses It, Rips Off Mic In BBC Interview

A senior Hamas official lost the paper during an interview with the BBC after the host asked him about Hamas terrorists slaughtering sleeping Israeli families.

Hamas top spokesperson Ghazi Hamad He told the BBC’s Hugo Bachega that there was no order to kill civilians.

“You say this was a military operation, but it resulted in hundreds of people–” Bachega said before Hamad could interject.

“Well, the area is large and there are a lot of people, so there were conflicts and confrontations, so…”

“This is not a confrontation,” Bachega said. “You raided the house.” (Related: US attacks Iran-related facilities in Syria, Pentagon announces)

Hamad said Hamas had no “intention or decision” to kill civilians.

“Families, how do you justify killing someone in their sleep?” Mr. Bachega said, and Mr. Hamad, visibly upset, ripped off his microphone and said, “I don’t want to do this interview.”

Hamas terrorists entered Israel’s southern border in the early hours of October 7 and committed a massacre. Over 1,400 Thousands of people were injured in Israel and more than 100 civilians were kidnapped. Israel has since created a special unit to track down and eliminate Hamas forces that carried out surprise attacks.

Hamas is also trying to pin the blame on Israel for the October 17 death at a Gaza hospital. The Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry claims that Israeli rockets hit Gaza City’s al-Ahli Arab Hospital, killing hundreds of people. Israeli, French and American officials said data showed the hospital was hit by a failed Hamas rocket attack.

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