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We are not the problem, ignorance is

The attacks on the LGBTQ community in the Alabama State Capitol are horrifying and dangerous. From “Don't Say I'm Gay” bills to requiring students to use the restroom of their birth gender to removing books with LGBTQ content from libraries, Republicans are ignorant about our country's history and contributions to society. is exposed.

My question is, why? Have they ever sat down and talked with members of our community to better understand who we are? The answer is clear: no.

we don't matter. Ignorance. Members of the LGBTQ community are no different from anyone else. We pay taxes, attend church, take care of our families, and root for our favorite football teams. We are your family, neighbors, and colleagues. We are doctors, CEOs, home caregivers, lawyers, and service industry workers. We want to live a life free from discrimination and hatred.

So why are these bills being considered? Because it's easier to attack marginalized communities than to have honest conversations with us. Fear-mongering is alive and well in Alabama. Our classified history bears that out. Republicans have learned that they can win if they create “swamp men” who take something from you. The LGBTQ community is their new “quagmire man.”

The bill's sponsors believe we are “raising our children” to be gay. What an idiot. Most of us were raised by straight parents, but believe me, no one gave me any “orientation” regarding my sexual identity.

I was raised by two loving and devoted parents who taught me what love is. They met after my father returned from World War II, where he was an Army photographer. He told me about his war experiences and took photos of concentration camps to educate me on what hatred felt like. It really shocked me to learn that the government locks up people because they belong to a certain group. The hatred started with the banning of books and the spread of misinformation. Sound familiar? Ignorance allows history to repeat itself.

The impact of these bills will be an increase in violence against members of my community, especially those who identify as transgender. I have a good friend who is transgender, gorgeous, and the most feminine person ever. From now on, she will have to use the men's restroom and could be harassed or assaulted. It is also required that the gender identity on the driver's license be male. If her law enforcement agency takes her away, she could be arrested under her false identity. Because the proponents of these bills are not thinking about the actual consequences of the laws they are passing.

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These so-called Christians often forget the Bible verse from Leviticus (yes, the Old Testament) that says, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” often referred to as the “Golden Rule.”

Let's stop being ignorant and focus on the real problems Alabama has. We will not disappear and you will not erase our existence.

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