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We Needed To Correct Variety’s Hilariously Bad List Of Potential James Bonds

Variety released its list of potential James Bond actors in August, but it was so bad that it decided to revise it.

variety of list Many of the future 007 candidates are clearly written by many American women, and they are no longer allowed to have an opinion on future Bonds. Their choice was that bad. This is exclusively the domain of British women (and all men, of course), so let me help you out.

First, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Henry Cavill, Joe Alwyn? Variety for real? No, these are not Bond movie worthy, much less Bond movie worthy.

Richard Madden might get the job done, but much like Andrew Garfield, he’s still a little too soft. James Norton is also a good choice, but I think he’s the better Bond villain. He definitely has that vibe. Same goes for Tom Hardy, too much of a thug. Bond is a gentleman.

Here is the official Bond list from the Daily Caller.

First of all, Cillian Murphy (“Oppenheimer”). why? Because he is better than any other actor. He has more of a Bond villain vibe, but I’m sure he could do well in the lead role as well.

He was also on Variety’s list, Jamie Dornan (“Fifty Shades of Grey”) has just the right level of rough, classy and gorgeous that Bond needs. he could be a great choice.

Will Poulter (“We’re The Millers”) is also a good option, but maybe too young for the role. Give him ten years and he’ll be absolutely perfect. Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire too) may be too young for Bond now. In 5-10 years Patel will be my first choice.

Idris Elba (“The Office”) is a natural choice. At this point he may have aged and finished the role. Some people freak out at the idea of ​​a black man becoming Bond, but you have to get over it. Elba is already Bond in our hearts, so why not bring him to the screen?

I don’t like the idea of ​​a female 007, but she’s an up-and-coming star Rosie Sheehy (“Chernobyl,” “Violent Man”) is my only alternative to Jane Bond (or whatever they call her). Read reviews of Sheehy’s stage productions at the Royal Shakespeare Company and you’ll see that Sheehy deserves a major role in whatever Bond movie comes next. Maybe there are leads too!

My hunch is that the next Bond will easily do so Darryl McCormack, Alfred Enoch, John Boyega or Nicholas Hoult.if it ends up being Jacob ElordiI’ll call the police. (Related: Making ‘The Daily Show’ great again: Top picks to replace Trevor Noah)

But above all, please someone give Matt Berryspokesperson gave a bouquet of flowers. He never deserved to be on Variety’s Bond list, but he was there. That’s just top class management.

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