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‘What A Cope’: Daily Caller Reporter Reagan Reese Calls Out Legacy Media’s ‘Rush’ To ‘Rescue’ Biden During Debate

Daily Caller White House correspondent Reagan Reese blasted the legacy media for trying to “rescue” President Joe Biden after he was diagnosed with a cold during Friday's debate with former President Donald Trump.

Reese appeared on iHeart's “The Rod Arquette Show” to discuss the aftermath of the first presidential debate between Biden and Trump on Thursday night. As the two discussed Biden's debate performance, which many Democrats criticized as poor, host Rod Arquette highlighted a moment from the night when, midway through the debate, media representatives from CBS, NBC and other networks began posting claims that sources said Biden had a cold. (Related: After 'disastrous' debate performance, panicked Democrats rush to replace Biden)

“Yeah, it was a big response. Naturally, the media got the scoop, the president of the White House Correspondents' Association. They rushed to President Biden's rescue and reported, 'Maybe he's not feeling well, he has a cold.' His voice was raspy, he was coughing. I think he's coughing all the time. I think that's what I noticed about him and in my coverage of him,” Reiss said.

“But I thought Politico had an interesting piece on this: There was no mention of President Biden having a cold until the debate. This tells us two things: either the cold isn't real, or President Biden's PR team isn't great and didn't think they should have broken the news beforehand in case things got worse. I mean, the best excuse they could come up with during the debate was, 'Well, President Biden has a cold.' You've got to be kidding me.”

Various Democratic pundits subsequently began circulating the idea of ​​replacing Biden as the party's nominee, as Biden made numerous apparent gaffes throughout his debate performance.

Shortly after the debate, CNN's Van Jones said Biden's performance would lead Democrats to hope the president would take a “different direction,” noting that the party still has time to “find another way forward.” Notably, the New York Times editorial board has been vocal in calling for the president to drop out of the race in order to beat Trump in November.

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