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‘Whatever They Want’: Sol Wisenberg Says Florida Judge Being Targeted For Demanding ‘Public Explanation’

Former independent deputy attorney Sol Withenberg criticized federal prosecutors’ performance in Monday’s edition of The Ingraham Angle.

Host Laura Ingraham asked Weisenberg for her opinion on the restrictions imposed on Trump using social media.

“Well, there is an inherent contradiction between the gag orders and restrictions on the speech of defendants and counsel and the ordinary First Amendment rights we have, and unfortunately the case law set by the Supreme Court We are not clear on this point,” Weisenberg said. (Related article: No matter what life turns out to be, be grateful that you are not the judge, Eileen Cannon)

Weisenberg also said most federal prosecutors working on “high-profile political cases” are accustomed to “get whatever they want” from federal judges because the system is “very prosecutor-biased.” .

“And Judge Cannon of the Southern District of Florida is saying, ‘Wait a minute, let me explain, you can’t automatically seal things.’ he added.

He suggested that the backlash against Judge Eileen Cannon stemmed from her asking for an “explanation” about using a Washington, D.C. grand jury for “post-indictment matters in Florida.” He added that the law stipulates that a grand jury cannot be used to collect evidence once a case is indicted, unless prosecutors are considering replacing charges. .

“But Judge Cannon said, ‘I want you to explain it publicly,'” he added. He argued that Cannon might eventually let Special Counsel Jack Smith “do what he wants” but explain why.

Cannon ordered Smith to unseal the two filings and explain why a grand jury in Washington, D.C., is investigating a case involving former President Trump’s handling of classified documents.

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