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White Sox Tim Anderson Gets Knocked Down By Wild Punch During Brawl, Stumbles Off The Field

Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson was knocked down after being viciously punched in a brawl during Saturday’s game against the Cleveland Guardians.

The brawl came in the bottom of the sixth when Anderson failed to get Cleveland Guardians third baseman Jose Ramirez out at second base. The two began to exchange words before Anderson threw down his gloves and raised his fists to start a fight.

Anderson threw the first punch to Ramirez, resulting in a barrage of blows until Anderson was knocked down with a hard right hook to Ramirez’s jaw. video of a fighting show. (Related: Brawl erupts at UFC pre-fight faceoff, security team clashes)

Confusion ensued as the benches were cleared after the knockdown, and a lengthy brawl involving both teams ensued. Multiple players were observed fighting and being stranded. Six players, including Anderson and Ramirez, were sent off after the brawl, according to reports. barry sports.

Shortly after the punch, Anderson appeared to be stumbling under his weight as the team pushed him back into the dugout. video is shown.

“I felt decided,” Ramirez said through an interpreter after the game, according to Bally Sports. “He’s been disrespecting the game for a while. If he does something like that on base, he can kick someone out of the game. So I told him not to do that. After he hit me harder than he needed to, he said he wanted to fight and I had to defend myself.”

Despite Anderson’s embarrassing performance, the White Sox won the game 7-4, tying the end-of-summer series between the two teams one at a time.

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