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White Tank Butterfly Monitoring | Maricopa County Parks & Recreation

Butterfly Monitoring:

You will learn to identify and monitor butterflies by regional experts and/or Maricopa County Parks Interpretive Ranger

You can sign up for one monitoring event only, as they are all occurring on the same date and time. 

 Have you ever seen a butterfly flitting around and wish you could identify it? Well, then, this workshop and monitoring event is for you! Our experts will teach you all about butterfly identification, key identification characteristics, flight patterns, and plant species that each butterfly species prefers. All while contributing to our butterfly citizen science program. The data you collect is then shared with the regional and national experts, helping to contribute to science, regionally and nationally, so that there is a better understanding of butterfly populations and trends.

White Tank Mountain Regional Park( Meet in Area 4 Parking Lot).  This monitoring event includes hiking 3.5 miles along the Black Rock Trail and Waterfall Trail and a short walk along the roadway to Wildlife Trail that takes you back to the Area 4 parking lot. (Easy Level).

To register, please click on the link


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