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Why Are So Many People Evacuating These Parts Of Arizona?

The populations of four Arizona counties (Apache, Coconino, La Paz, and Greenlee) are declining at a significant pace.

Sure, there aren’t that many peepers looking for a cool life, but These counties are bleeding profusely faster than others.

If you’re looking for solitude, read on.

La Paz County

La Paz County It’s not big and has a relatively small population to begin with.

Let’s be honest, most of La Paz’s residents are trying to zip down Interstate 10 into Colorado.

There were 16,555 voyeurs in 2020, and that population is now down by several hundred, creating a “pop drop” of 0.3%.

USA Pro Challenge – Stage 6

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Coconino County

Located in north-central Az, Coconino County We have some fairly warm summers…well, it’s a desert here…but we also have bitterly cold winters.

It has lost 1,040 inhabitants since 2020, presumably because of winter-weary “snowbirds.”

Yes, it is “winter” in some parts of Arizona. There’s snow and everything, and there’s even a ski resort.

Apache County

Apache County northeast corner of the state and Apache National Forest.

The I-40 runs through it to New Mexico. From 2020 he is the most likely route taken by about 600 people during 2022.

I don’t think the Arizona wildfires drove people out of the Apaches, but the following facts. petrified forest), there is nothing to do there.

Massive wildfires spread in Arizona, threatening neighboring towns

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Greenlee County

259 Glenryans have been released on bail between 2020 and 2022. Again, for no apparent reason, but when it comes to Arizona, the extreme heat is probably a big factor.

Greenlee County is one of the smallest counties in Arizona (population – 9,561), so the loss of 259 snoopers seems particularly high.

If you take 260 from 1 million, no one will notice. 259 under 10K leaves a trail.

Phoenix hits record heat wave

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Ultimately, there is no clear answer as to why anyone would want to move out of an Arizona county.

Given the beauty and climate of the countryside, I’m sure the new vacancies will soon be filled with people weary of shoveling snow.

and/or fighting tourists.

New Mexico’s oldest restaurant

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A man in Ladonia, Texas built the coolest tree house out of shipping containers

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