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Will DeSantis’ New Economic Plan Give Him The Boost He So Desperately Needs?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign unveiled a 10-point economic plan earlier this week. The campaign aims to build a narrative around this “declaration of economic independence,” but it’s unclear whether it will resonate with the American public. In an age of ruthless culture wars and politicized prosecutions, will the question of the kitchen table get any more attention?

of plan Simple but very detailed. In his speech, Mr. DeSantis urged America to move away from “wasteful federal spending” by “failed elites,” ideological “central planners,” “Chinese Communist Party,” “Green New Deal,” and “progressive corporations.” vowed to restore its independence. He said, “We win. They lose.” (Related: Christian Whitton: Ron DeSantis will revive the middle class, here’s how)

The plan follows some of the tried-and-true Republican policies. Point two includes “encouraging investment, eliminating bureaucracy and bureaucracy, keeping taxes low,” and rescinding Biden’s “job-destroying” executive order immediately. Point 10 promises to use a “veto pen” to combat “reckless and wasteful federal spending.” No matter how divided the Republican Party is, these policies are supportable by virtually everyone.

But a deeper dive into the details reveals candidates who are not bound by any ready-made dogma. The proposal shows the staying power of the 2016 Trump realignment as it rejects the Republican ethos of “getting along” that DeSantis failed to fight back in the cultural arena.

For example, Issue 10 is not simply Reaganite’s plan to reduce federal bloat. He also promises to use “Article 2 powers to prohibit federal funding for organizations that engage in active discrimination through the DEI and other unconstitutional efforts.” Point 4 promises to end “environmental, social and governance standards and political maneuvering by large investors”. Point 5, “Restoration of Individual Merit and Respect,” would then direct the Department of Justice’s Office for Civil Rights to “eliminate discrimination in the false name of the DEI.”

Overall, the plan is more in line with President Trump’s economic worldview than with free-market absolutists. He will target private corporations to make an “end run” around the “constitutional system” and reverse the Left’s own “law” tactics against it. A common theme is that they seek to use state power to promote conservative economic policies. (Related: Will DeSantis’ new economic plan give him the boost he desperately needs?)

Of course, this would be irritating to the left, who relies on the administrative state to pursue its radical policies. capital Topics beyond what the democratic process a sense segment For the right, using the federal government to target awakened people is also nerve-wracking. If the free market leads to his DEI and ESG, who says it shouldn’t?But for the average American, “diversity fatigueFor those tired of having ubiquitous leftist policies pushed down their throats, this novel economic strategy may resonate.

It should come as no surprise that DeSantis has focused on many of the economic issues that intersect with the culture wars, sentiments that former President Donald Trump has brought into the mainstream but not necessarily at the center of policy. . DeSantis probably wants to differentiate himself by raising key issues in these election campaigns and pointing to his own track record in Florida.”where you die when you wake upBut will it be the boost needed to overtake Trump and then Biden?

The saying goes, “It’s the economy, you idiot!” It doesn’t weigh as much as it used to.up to 2020 electionOnly 34 percent of Americans said they would vote based on the economy, and just 24 percent said the economy was their biggest issue. A 2020 poll put the economy fifth on the list of issues that were “very important” to voters. Gallup poll. Even in 2022 when inflation is rampant, 1 in 3 Voters argued that fixing the economy should be a top priority for leaders.

Right now, voters are immersed in the endless scandalous melodrama faced by Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden, and economic issues are likely to be further removed from voters’ minds. (Related: Biden administration indicts Donald Trump for third time)

Tying economic policy to the culture wars is certainly a Trump move. Giving DeSantis’ bizarre problem-setting the flashy, hostile appeal Republican supporters expect from candidates could help DeSantis in the primary, especially in future debates. if it pitches itself as such. But overcoming Trump, who perfectly embodies the term flamboyant and hostile, will be his biggest hurdle to clear.

But on the bright side for DeSantis, the American public is becoming increasingly disillusioned with Biden’s economic policies. If he can overtake Trump, his economic base will be a major challenge to Bidennomics’ record.

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