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World Reaches New Level Of Dystopia As The Cashless Society Gains Terrifying Traction

A video of a woman paying for groceries with her palm went viral on Saturday, revealing a whole new level of dystopia in a decade defined by human fear.

Amazon announced in July that customers could now start paying for groceries with the palm of their hand. according to To CBS News. It’s part of the company’s new contactless cashless payment system, which allows customers to simply wave their palms over their Amazon One devices and the company will receive the money and go about their day.

Many people think that the women in this video I had a microchip implanted. That doesn’t seem to be the case in this situation, but considering the rhetoric I’ve seen so far, it’s probably heading there.

Back in 2022, a British-Polish tech company started selling microchip hand implants that link to digital wallets for as little as $300. according to to KSLTV. The chip was only available in the UK, Switzerland and the rest of the European Union. However, an American company called 32M started pushing the concept in his 2017. All of which feels like a steady decline towards a cashless society and over-management of humanity by technology.we saw the same Sweden.

The World Economic Forum published a blog in August 2022 in which the authors recommended microchipping children as if it were a natural step towards improving health care and safety. proposed (although the latter is undoubtedly true). If we all had microchips, it would be much easier to find, punish, starve, and harm people. And bad guys will start cutting your hands instead of stealing your wallet. Isn’t that great, didn’t anyone say that?

Some leaders are trying to intervene to prevent microchips and cashless societies from going too far, amid growing fears that government brutality will become the norm worldwide. Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said on Friday that “more and more people are concerned about possible restrictions on cash payments in Austria”. according to to the Associated Press.

As a result, he is proposing a constitutional amendment stipulating the use of physical currency for Austrian citizens. (Related: American activist at Chinese Revolutionary Survivors School talks about communist brutality in incredible exchange)

In response to videos and threats of financial oppression, Shih Van Fleet, a Virginia mother who survived Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China, said: said sarcastically, “In China people pay [with] their face. Isn’t it amazing that we are all digital slaves! ’ And I couldn’t agree more.

If it’s either the future of modern society with microchips or the future as a new wave off-grid homesteader, I’d choose the latter, thank you.

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