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‘Worst Government Blunder’: Cuomo Rips Federal Government Over NYC Migrant Crisis

Former Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo blamed the federal government for the state's ongoing immigration crisis, calling it “the worst failure of government.”

Mr. Cuomo spoke to members of Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church in the Bronx to discuss current issues facing local residents. The former governor began by reflecting on the country's current politics, criticizing the country's “divisive” and “corrupt” state. (Related: Haunted by crime concerns, Democrats backtrack on their own reforms ahead of 2024 elections)

“Look at what's going on in the Middle East. Look at our politics today, you would say. Look at the divisions we have, how dirty politics has become, how much “Look at how corrupt it has become and how mean it has become. When you look at the polarization, there's the far left and the far right, and they can't figure out how to come together and get things done,” Cuomo said. .

Mr. Cuomo then turned his attention to New York, criticizing the state's “immigration crisis,” calling it the worst “misstep” he had seen from government “in my entire career.” Cuomo said the problem starts with federal leadership, as migrants continue to flow into the city by bus from border states such as Texas.

“Look at New York. Look at the homelessness problem. Look at the crime problem. Look at what's happening on the subways. That's what he is. [Mario Cuomo] I would say And on top of that, we have immigration issues,” Cuomo continued. “Because I've been in and out of government all my life. I served in the federal government with Bill Clinton. I've worked with Attorney General David Dinkins, the governor. This is the worst government failure I have ever seen!”

“We have the federal government, and that's the starting point, and we're standing at the border with a sign that says, 'Come to the United States of America and apply for asylum.' And 2 million people come, from Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, of course. When they get to the border, they ask, “Where do you want to go?” And they say, “I want to go to New York.” what are they going to say? I want to go to Nevada. ”

“They arrive in New York. The state of New York tells them, 'You can only go to New York City.'” Only New York City. Not the Hudson Valley, not upstate New York, not Long Island, just New York City. why? ” Cuomo asked.

“Because for their politics, they want problems in New York City, and they don't want political problems in other parts of the state. But that doesn't make sense. Right now, New York City Over 100,000 immigrants are coming to New York City. And New York City has to provide housing, education, and health care. It makes no sense.”

According to the New York Times, immigration has increased significantly, especially in New York City, which is a sanctuary city, and by December 2023, the number of immigrants will increase within two years as the city struggles to accommodate everyone. It is estimated that the number exceeds 150,000. Democratic New York Mayor Eric Adams recently argued loudly that the city needs to “fix” its sanctuary law to allow authorities to deport illegal immigrants who have committed felonies or violent acts.

The state is led by Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul. announced As Adams continues to press for federal aid, he announced in January that more than $2 billion would be earmarked from the New York state budget to help manage the city's immigration crisis.

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