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WWI History Assignment Shows Just How Bad The Education System Has Gotten

On Thursday, a woman posted a screenshot of what she claimed was her 16-year-old sister's homework. If this is true, America is completely fucked up and I would be surprised if it still exists in 10 years.

As a result, American high school students appear to be receiving what most international school systems call an illiterate level of share On Twitter, a 16-year-old girl allegedly posted the following homework assignment: “Create 10 Tweets for her from the trenches of World War I. When creating your tweets, be sure to put yourself in the shoes of the following person.” [omitted] Western Front. You can choose which side you want to represent. ”

Let's start with the interesting part of this tweet: the reply. However, be aware that there is a very dark side to this tweet. More on that later.

One of the top-rated replies was just “PROUSIA IN BIO” from A user named Mr_Pussy has 5,000 likes as of this writing. another What I enjoyed was “My ah didn’t just go trenchfoot *crying face emoji*” I once had a very mild form of trench foot, and unless it's written in the form of a joke (like this), it's no laughing matter.

“This is terrible #Flanders” resonated. But let's be honest, this tweet is funny for about 10 seconds of her, but then you realize that these kids are going to be running this country one day. We are very, very screwed up.

A tweet is literally one sentence, sometimes two. If your child cannot write more than 10 sentences about World War I, you have failed in education. Therefore, you are a failure as a parent, and you continue to be a failure as a parent if you continue to allow the school to do its job, which is the job you pay the school to do every year with your taxes. There will be.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is the parents' responsibility to educate their children. Schools are secondary education centers where children learn how to become part of the system in which you created them (not of their choice, I might add). (Related: *Checks notes* There's a cool new Gen Z trend: walking)

American parents have done a very poor job of educating their children. With the exception of the heroic parents who are trying to stop schools from becoming propaganda hubs, most of you here are taking your responsibility seriously. And frankly, I don't think I'll ever go back.

Friends, we will need a whole new revolution of women so we can refocus our attention on raising the next generation of great Americans. Because the only alternative to us is the state. Yes, perhaps the state allowed that prompting to be enough “education” for her 16 year old.

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