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Yankees Diagnoses Anthony Rizzo With Concussion Months After Brutal Collision Occurred

The New York Yankees reported Thursday that star first baseman Anthony Rizzo was placed on the injured list (IL) for a concussion from a collision in May, according to The Athletic.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone has confirmed that Rizzo will return to Illinois due to a “possible concussion” during the May 28 game against the San Diego Padres. athletic. Lizzo recently complained of foggy symptoms, which reportedly prompted Boone’s decision.

Lizzo reportedly left the game with an apparent neck injury following a collision with Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. CBSsports. However, Lizzo reportedly passed the concussion protocol set by the league after the crash. (Related: Patriots Wide Receiver Nelson Agholoa desperately tries to stop the play as Devante Parker teeters with a possible concussion.)

video The collision found that Tatis’ thigh had slammed into Lizzo’s head, causing Lizzo to break back and side during playback to first base.

In 53 games before the crash, Rizzo was batting .304 with 11 home runs, an astounding record. systematize baseball. 172 batting average and one home run in the 46 games he played after the collision.

According to CBS, Lizzo will need to be tested weekly for symptoms listed as post-concussion syndrome before returning.

CBS reports that Jake Bowers and DJ LeMahugh will fill the first base duties, while Yankees call-up Oswaldo Cabrera will fill Lizzo’s roster.

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