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Yankees, Reds Players Have A Good Ol’ Fashioned National Anthem Standoff Prior To Fourth Of July Game

Happy Independence Day everyone! It was a wonderful day!

And players on both the New York Yankees and Cincinnati Reds would surely agree, given what happened before the two teams' game on Thursday.

The Yankees and Reds 3-game seriesAnd the final game in the Bronx was played on a Thursday afternoon, which also happened to be Independence Day, with the result that players on both teams stood for the national anthem in true patriotism and flat out refused to hang up their hats when they walked off the field after the game. (Related: Miami Marlins and Burger King come up with limited edition co-branded crowns)

They started with four players but eventually fell to just two Yankees pitchers. Cody Poteet and Ian Hamiltonand one pitcher from the Reds. Graham AshcraftFor a significant amount of time after the national anthem, both teams stood in front of the dugouts, arguing with the other team in the name of patriotism and refusing to go back inside.

New York manager Aaron Boone, who had initially cheered on his players, eventually lost patience, ordered his players to the bench, and awarded Ashcraft the win, to which his Reds teammates responded by congratulating and applauding Ashcraft for the win.


I think Aaron Boone should have just left it at that.

After all, the Yankees are already considered the “Evil Empire,” so why miss an opportunity to impress Americans?

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