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Yavapai County Jury Convicts Phoenix Man of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon | Prescott Valley Times local news

Yavapai County Attorney Dennis McGrane said:yeah May 30, 2024Yavapai County characterSelling Convicted 40 years old Scott Allen Woodruff of Phoenix, A.Liz.of WorseAssault with a deadly weapon. County Attorney McGrain praised the prosecutors. Kristen Godbehere Shortley and Casey Martin their skill Preparation and present of Cases, andI thanked the jury. their Think carefullyof Hard evidence Judge's instructions.

“Road rage incidents occur all too frequently across the country,” Yavapai County Attorney Dennis McGrane said. As Gun owners and One Strong supportUh huh? of our Number 2Right to rectificationknow those right Under attack Every time someone uses a firearm Commit a crimeI want to become clear, It is never acceptable to point a gun at someone to stop them from calling the police.. IIf you do that in Yavapai County, you go to jail.”

Guilty Following on from January 23, 2023 Incident where Woodruff was struck from the side by another vehicle near Cordes Junction on I-17.Arizona. BOther vehicles also stopped and Woodruff got out of the car. and approached the victim.. Woodruff I tried to leave rear The victim said she would call police. t isvictim Asked Woodruff Stay Until then Law Enforcement Arrived, Woodruff He pulled out his revolver., pointed that On the victim's face Threatened To kill he. Woodruff then fled the scene.

The verdict July 9 2024 in 3:30 p.Meters. Honorable Krista Carman in Yavapai County Superior Court. Woodruff face Five To 15 Year in prison.

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