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Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Weekend Roundup

Yavapai County Sheriff's Office warns of inmates who fail to return after release

On May 1, YCSO detention officers reported that Trevor Trammell was on work release but had not returned on time. He was supposed to return to Camp Verde Jail at 5:30 PM but did not return. Jail officers attempted to call Trammell but were unsuccessful. Two YCSO deputies went to the jail and obtained the inmate's details, a list of contacts in the area, and known addresses. YCSO detention officers contacted Trammell's probation officer and the County Attorney to obtain an arrest warrant and YCSO dispatch alerted all surrounding agencies to notify them of the probation arrest for 2nd degree escape.

Officers contacted Trammell's workplace and spoke with his supervisor, who confirmed the phone number the officers had was correct. Other officers visited all of Trammell's addresses with no success. However, while making contact at a residence in Camp Verde, one of the officers spoke with someone who knew Trammell. The resident stated that Trammell had left in an old white 4Runner with a broken windshield. This person stated that Trevor had left with his girlfriend and had talked about plans to go to Michigan.

A nationwide warrant has been issued for Trammell's arrest as of Friday, May 3. Anyone with information regarding Trevor Trammell's whereabouts or the location of the vehicle he was allegedly driving is asked to contact YCSO at 928-771-3260 or anonymously through Yavapai Silent Witness at 1-800-932-3232.

YCSO detectives solve fraud case while investigating another fraud case

In December 2023, the Yavapai County Bureau of Criminal Investigations was involved in a fraud case involving Marylee Moore, age 49, of Camp Verde. Moore worked as a purchasing agent for an insulation contractor in Cornville, who contacted YCSO after learning that Moore had used a company credit card to defraud the company out of over $14,000 before being fired. Marylee Moore was arrested and booked into jail on charges of fraud, conspiracy and theft.

During the Cornville investigation, YCSO detectives learned of another fraud case involving Moore that occurred several years prior in Camp Verde. Moore was the manager of Ernie's Smoke Shop (Mini Mart) and had been fired from that position. Lead detectives determined Moore had defrauded that store out of over $307,000. Moore was subsequently indicted on charges of fraud, theft, aggravated identity theft and forgery.

“Our deputies and detectives understand that criminals who steal from local residents and businesses are depriving their victims of weeks, or even years, of income that has been earned through hard work,” said YCSO Sheriff David Rose. “This type of crime will not be tolerated, and I am proud of our deputies and detectives who worked hard to solve not just one, but two cases.”

Shots fired at YCSO officers

On Saturday night at approximately 9:30 p.m., YCSO deputies conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in the JT Septic Tank parking lot in Humboldt. While attempting a narcotics search and waiting for a police dog, the deputies heard two gunshots fired close range in their direction. They decided to end the traffic stop and allow the driver to leave so they could focus on the gunfire.

“Throughout the investigation, they were able to locate the suspect, 19-year-old Joshua Booth, and his vehicle and take him into custody without further incident. Multiple firearms and shell casings were located inside the vehicle next to the driver, and Booth was arrested on numerous felony charges, including aggravated assault and weapons charges. The YCSO Criminal Investigations Division is continuing to investigate the incident further.”

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