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Yavapai County to send corrected sample ballots after printing error

Due to a printing error, Yavapai County will be sending corrected sample ballots to households whose voters are not on the early voter rolls.

According to the county election director, a printing error occurred in the process of creating 3,944 sample ballots for the upcoming presidential primary.

Sample ballots that will not be used as official ballots are expected to be mailed no later than March 5.

If you are a voter who is not on the active early voter list and you have not received a corrected sample ballot, the first ballot sent to your household will not be in error.

Sample voting is also possible. Browse online.

“Yavapai County takes our election process very seriously and when a problem arises, we will do everything we can to resolve it as quickly as possible. In this example, we use “The vendor made a printing error on 3,944 sample ballots,” said Lauryn Custis. , Yavapai County Elections Director. “After discovering the error, we worked diligently with our vendor to determine the scope of the issue and implemented a plan of action to correct it. They will be mailed to each affected household by Tuesday, May 5th.” ”

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