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‘You Count How Many You Saved’: Police Release Video Of Intense Gunfight With Hamas On Oct. 7

Israeli police on Monday released body camera footage of an intense gunfight with Hamas terrorists on October 7, with commentary from one of the officers.

The police officer who gave the commentary was a participant in the response force to the infiltration of Hamas in the Israeli town of Kfar Azha, which is allied with Israel. I got it.. (Related: Report: Soldiers open fire on ax-wielding terrorist after ramming into car near Israeli naval base, Israel Defense Forces says)

The video begins with a police officer narrating the story pointing out that only three members of the team, two armed civilians and an Israeli soldier, will be accompanying the city to a town already overrun with terrorists. . Gunshots of varying intensities could be heard on the video.

“I thought I was dealing with about 15 people. [terrorists], more or less. That's what we were able to see,'' the officer later recalled on video. “Looking back now, I was probably around 40 years old.”

According to the video, the police had already intercepted the car carrying the terrorists before entering the town. Upon arriving in town, the video showed a person telling officers that there was no fighting in the town's cafeteria, so they headed there. When the team arrived at the scene, a police officer said:[b]We see broken windows, bullet shells and Kalashnikov magazines. ” The video showed a Kalashnikov lying on the ground with a loaded magazine, which police removed.

According to the video, the officer said he saw two injured civilians in the town and directed his team's medics to treat them. “As soon as we moved parallel to another building, I saw a couple of people across from me, partially dressed in civilian clothes, and there was a really, really strong fire. Ta. [from them]”

Video showed the moment the team identified themselves by shouting “IDF!” to people off camera. Israeli army! ” One of the team appears to have been injured after receiving heavy gunfire. The video showed the officer asking the injured man if he was injured, to which he responded, “He's dead.” Video showed officers treating the man and grabbing an M-16 to continue fighting.

The military eventually arrived in the town in large force and took information from the team, according to the video. The video also showed the team rescuing people from the massacre.

The officer said his unit commander asked him how many terrorists he had killed. “I said I don't know. On days like that, I don't count how many I took out. Just count how much I saved.”

Kfar Azha is one of Israel's 20 communities hardest hit by Hamas, the Times of Israel reported. report. Hamas terrorists killed around 52 to 60 people and took 17 hostages in the small town of 750 people, the newspaper reported.

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