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‘You Dishonest Dumb*ss!’: Megyn Kelly Rips Into Biden’s ‘Choreography’ And His ‘BFF’ Joe Scarborough

SiriusXM's Megyn Kelly slammed President Joe Biden's “choreography” in multiple post-debate interviews Monday, including one on “Morning Joe.”

Biden's call with MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski aired Monday morning, in which the president called on disgruntled Democrats to remove him from the presidential race in 2024. Kelly blasted Scarborough's “hypocrisy and lies” before criticizing Biden's comments in the interview.

Kelly said Biden was “trying to save himself” through interviews with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, “Morning Joe” and two black radio hosts, and noted that radio station WURD cut ties with Philadelphia host Andrea Lawful Sanders after she told CNN the White House had told her what questions to ask Biden.

“I can honestly say from this seat that the same thing happened on Morning Joe, I guarantee you,” Kelly said. “It was rehearsed. There was an understanding between the two sides of exactly where this interview was going, and the whole thing was choreographed to have a sitting president and his confidants posing as journalists on MSNBC this morning.”

Biden reportedly loves watching “Morning Joe.” according to According to Axios, during his presidency, he would occasionally call Scarborough to “vent his frustrations” about media coverage. (RELATED: Fox News host reveals major problem with booking Democratic guests)

Kelly said Scarborough had “evolved” since Biden's poor performance in the June 27 debate. The “Morning Joe” host initially warned the morning after the debate that 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would win “unless things change.” He questioned whether Biden is “fit to serve as president of the United States” and called the Democratic incumbent's debate performance “the worst in modern political history.”

“In his interview with the President this morning, if you listen to the questions he asks, he's attacking the elites, the politicians, the media, saying 'They want you to stay out of this election' and 'These people think they know better' and you're one of them, you dishonest idiot!” Kelly shouted.

Biden told Scarborough and Brzezinski he was “frustrated by the elites” who suggested he shouldn't run for reelection. He also criticized Trump, saying “he hasn't done anything since the debate.”

Kelly said it was “astonishing” that Biden condemned Trump's “silence” after the debate, calling it the “most disciplined” behavior he had seen from a Republican candidate “in his lifetime.”

“This is the most disciplined behavior we've ever seen from Donald Trump. It's exactly the right behavior. They're trying to get Trump to say something and let that story run its course,” Kelly said.

Kelly said “whatever happens,” Biden is “unfit to be president,” especially after the president's gaffes over the weekend. video The video shows Biden being asked to stand up while singing at a black church in Philadelphia, then remaining seated for an additional 25 seconds. Said On Sunday, he said campaigning in Philadelphia “helped me win” as he ran for the Delaware Senate seat.

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