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‘You Dumba*s!’: Megyn Kelly Rips ’60 Minutes’ Host Over ‘Moms For Liberty’ Interview, Challenges Him To ‘One-On-One’

Political commentator Megyn Kelly criticized CBS “60 Minutes'' host Scott Pelley over his recent interview with parental rights group Moms for Liberty, challenging him to a “one-on-one'' debate. is.

On Monday's show, Kelly responded to a “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday, in which Perry told Moms for Liberty co-founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Deskovich about parental issues within the school. The interview focused on the rights of people, especially the “book ban.'' Ms Kelly accused the interview of being “manipulated” to paint parents' rights groups in a negative light. (Related: Education committee member swears by pile of children's books that have been explicitly “banned”)

Mr Kelly called Mr Perry an “idiot” and said “inappropriate sexual content” was rampant in schools across the country. The political commentator explained his decision to pull his children out of a New York City school because of required reading materials from teachers that he accused white mothers of “indoctrinating” their children.

“It's creepy that these schools would put this overly sexual content in front of kids. [Pelley] His question “What ideology do you oppose?” is completely ignored. Kelly said. “But we pulled our kids out of a school in New York City. You know, our oldest son was in the fourth grade, and that school was literally circulating 'academic papers,' and white people… accused mothers of instilling the Black Death in their children and wanted it to be compulsory reading for all teachers. Scott, you're in New York, you idiot! Do a Google search. Try reading the New York Post, not just the New York Times, and you might expand your horizons. ”

“It's happening! It's happening with race. It's happening with gender, it's happening with inappropriate sexual content,” Kelly continued. “All you have to do is open your eyes [and] your ears. Let's step out of the stupid short-sighted media world for a moment and think about other people's children. This is really frustrating, Stu. This is why I was disappointed with this segment. I know they manipulated moms for freedom. I know they were unfair to them. ”

“But this is why I need you – damn it, get me Scott Pelley! Dare I say it, put me on,” Kelly challenged. “I'll be on CBS News, so you and I can tell it one-on-one, or wherever you're going to be on my show, I'd love to do it. And then we'll do it a little bit and do it live. I'll do it! So you can't cut me up. But even if you cut me up, I'm ready to accept you. 'Cause I hear this shit in every answer I give Why? Because I have three kids, ages 14, 12, and 10 – I’ve lived this!”

After publishing the interview, Mamas for Liberty slammed The network and Perry posted on social media accusing them of censoring the controversial book they shared. They created a list and shared photos of books they had previously gifted to producers, noting that these books were reported not only in local libraries and retail stores, but also in schools.

we sat together @60 minutes About so-called “banned books”@ScottPelley on 10/12/23,” the group said. “Tonight, this piece finally aired. The book we shared was censored. Why? I wonder if they caused it? @CBSNews Can you be fined by the FCC for reading pornographic content on air? Or was it just that there wasn't a message about “far-right hate speech”? you decide. “

The parent's rights group is known for advocating for the removal of books with explicit content, especially those containing LGBTQ pornographic scenes. In the list posted on their site: WebsiteTo date, more than 150 books have been called out by Moms for Liberty, reviewed by members of the group, and given a rating of “universal book content.”

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