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‘You Have To Be So Deeply Embedded’: Piers Morgan Torches Pro-Biden Influencer For Sticking By Biden’s Debate Performance

British journalist Piers Morgan defended President Joe Biden's debate performance and slammed pro-Biden social media influencer Harry Sisson for trying to convince debate participants that Biden won his debate against former President Donald Trump.

Sisson appeared on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on Friday to discuss the first presidential debate between Biden and Trump. While many Democrats who watched the debate expressed disappointment with Biden's performance, which included numerous gaffes, Sisson supported Biden and condemned Trump for “lying.”

But Morgan fired back at the influencer, seeming surprised that Sisson was able to defend his performance in the presidential debate, noting that Biden has been fact-checked more than 100 times by CNN. (Related: Democrats use every excuse to avoid confronting Biden's terrible debate performance)

“Honestly, I don't know how anyone would look at that debate and conclude that Biden won,” Morgan said. “It takes a lot of diving into Democratic partisanship to see the forest for the trees to make that change.”

“Firstly, I want to respond to your false comments. Yes, we want both candidates to be honest, but the lies have to be weighed here. For example, Joe Biden getting the statistics wrong is completely different than Donald Trump continuing to lie about January 6th and the election,” Sisson replied.

“But secondly, like I said, it's the content of the conversation that matters. Trump can shout the loudest and lie the most, but that doesn't mean he's going to win the debate. Joe Biden is saying my policies are pragmatic. I want to give women reproductive rights, I want to keep health care costs down, I want to expand health care for veterans more and more, and that's what the pragmatic policies are. [the] Americans support logical conversation.”

“Therein lies the problem, Harry. He has not been able to express his views in a way that people could really understand. Secondly, and more importantly, your opponent in Trump lies a lot. What you want in a president of the United States is to be tactful and astute and intelligent enough to pounce on him every time he lies and explain to the American people why what he said is a lie,” Morgan interjected.

“Biden just couldn't do that. And that's exactly what a lot of Democrats are saying is their biggest problem overnight. It's not that he's old or anything like that, it's that he couldn't articulate his policies in a way that resonated or hold Trump accountable. And if a candidate like Trump can't do that, then there's no hope.”

The British reporter then played a clip of Biden appearing to freeze mid-sentence and mumble his answers, and asked Sisson what he thought about the moment. Sisson called the footage “edited,” but questioned whether Morgan could have understood some of the policies Biden advocated. Morgan quickly fired back, accusing Biden of “drone-like behavior.”

“Piers, did you not get it when President Biden said that there are now a million people signing the PACT Act? Did you not get it?” Sisson began.

“No, not really. I didn't understand it because he had this weird hoarse voice. If there had been an interpreter in real time I would have understood it. But Biden spoke for 90 minutes in a hoarse, monotone, monotone voice that was honestly completely incomprehensible to most average viewers. His problem is that Trump spoke and looked exactly the same as he always has in 2020 and 2016,” Morgan said.

Morgan then criticized Sisson's loyalty to the president, asking, “Why are you the only person I've heard from in the last 24 hours on the Democratic side that isn't crying because they're performing so badly?”

“I don't know if I'll have to talk to the people around me,” Sisson responded.

“Literally everyone is crying, even Van Jones on CNN, everyone is crying because it was so bad. You seem to have watched a completely different debate. You're happy, you think it was great, you think he's going to win. No he's not Harry. Wake up,” Morgan said.

Since Biden's debate performance, many Democratic pundits who had supported Biden in the 2024 presidential election have come forward to urge the president to reconsider running for a second term.

538/New Ipsos Poll carried out After the event, the data revealed that Biden “performed worst in the debate compared to the Republican primary debates. Voters gave Biden an average performance score of 1.99 out of 5, lower than the expected score of 2.62 out of 5 that viewers had predicted,” the poll reported.

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